Name: Nadia
Age: 18
Nationality: Argentine, Australian

I’ve always found it awkward to describe myself to other people, so here it goes. I hate the smell of mushrooms when they cook. I have a fear of free fall that I wish to overcome. I hardly brush my hair. I love the taste of mint and the organised chaos of airports. I can’t stand having long nails or sitting around doing nothing for hours at a time. I love to meet new people and to hear their life stories (so please tell me yours when I meet you and don’t think I’m too creepy for being really interested!).

For a long time, I’ve dreamt of travelling around the world. Not particularly because I love having jetlag or waiting heaps of hours in transit, but because I want to see every country, culture and tradition for myself. In 2014 I graduated from high school in Melbourne and in 2015, I’ve decided to take a gap year and start my travels abroad.

Can’t wait to share my experiences (both good and bad) with all of you! Hopefully someday we’ll meet each other in some place in the world.

Lots of love,
– Nadia

PS: Yes I do speak Spanish, lo hablo todos los días en mi casa con mi familia.

*** I’m completely new to blogging so please take it easy on me! If you have any tips or suggestions, feel free to share them! I promise to take them all on board (ahaha pun intended).


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