After 5 months abroad, I’m home.

I arrived last week and it still feels a little weird to be back. Yeah everything is the same, my brother is still obsessed with his PS3 and the neighbours are still as mysterious as ever, but it feels strange to be back again on familiar turf.

Melbourne didn’t exactly give me warmest welcome when I arrived. I landed on the coldest September day in the past 20 years and I’ve been down with a strong cold for the entire week. I can’t even go for a run and lose all of the hamburger kgs without having a coughing attack every 5 minutes. My dad thinks that it’s because I’m back in a familiar environment that my immune system has lowered its defences, but either way, this bloody cold is not helping my morale in any way possible.

Taking a gap year was the best decision I’ve ever made. Anyone who has spoken to me recently would know. However, no one told me what happens after you get back from your awesome trip abroad. Suddenly I have so much time on my hands again. I don’t need to explore a city, catch a random bus somewhere or look after 25 screaming 6 year olds. I’m home, bound to my bed, with no idea of what to do with my time and life. I’ve always seen myself going to university, however, now I don’t know if I want to follow the course I’ve been accepted to. Last year I wanted to major in linguistics, now I want to follow a career in tourism. There’s also the slight downside that university doesn’t start until March next year. I have 5 whole free months without nothing to do. Maybe I should do my whole trip again but this time travel Asia? I don’t think my parents or my boss at work would be too thrilled at that idea. Anyway, I need to find something to fill my time before I finish binge watching all of my Netflix tv shows and go insane. If anyone has any suggestions, don’t be afraid to speak up. The travel bug has bit me (once again – he’s a reoccurring offender) and I don’t want to sit at home twiddling my thumbs until university starts next year.

Either way, I still can’t believe that I survived the 5 months away! Go Nadia, 5 stars for you! It’s not that I underestimated myself, but it’s not like I imagined myself doing this 3 years ago. My travels where incredible! If you were keeping up to date with this blog you would know. My time working in America in a summer camp was very rewarding and travelling around the USA was incredible. It was also awesome to catch up with my family in Argentina after years of not seeing them and to travel around South America!

A lot happened over the 5 months. While I’ve tried my very best to keep up to date and to post something for every destination I’ve been to, I still feel like this blog is missing big chunks of my adventures. Never fear! Even though I’m now home, this blog won’t end! On the contrary, I’m now going to have tons of time to keep it up to date. I also have around 2000 photos and lot’s of stories to share.

I’m not going to lie. It’s good to be home. I’ve missed my friends, my bed and my favourite dumplings restaurant (Auntie’s Dumplings in Carnegie if you live nearby).

I’ll update you on my life plans once I figure out what they are!

– Nadia


4 thoughts on “Home.

  1. grandioso Nadia, que te guste el turismo, ponete las pilas y estudia. que en australia podemos hacer muchas cosas.yo te apoyo siiiii .. me gusto. ponemos una agencia de viajes en melbourne. que te parece

    besos judith


  2. Nadia!! Wellcome back Home..! but it is feel a little sad or strange.. no !! I have an Idea for your next months so you do not be bore.. aburrida…? Puedes hacer tu carrera de turismo junto con Victor en Cordoba o Tucuman !! y trabajar con tia Judith en su agencia al principio… hasta que vuelvas a viajar.. que nunca falta una oportunidad… sino.. observa a tu tia !! siempre es tu segunda casa Argentina!!! Think about it.!! Kiss from.. your Godmother ;;Madrina !! Ruth


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