Denver & CO

Between Salt Lake City and Boston, we actually went to Denver. I never got the chance to write about it (travelling takes up a lot of your time) so here it is.

So before flying all of the way to the East coast, we decided to go even more inland to Colorado.

Colorado is beautiful. There’s no other way to describe it. The city of Denver is very clean and organised. The people are friendly and it’s pretty easy to move around. One of the most famous things in Denver is the 16th Street outside shopping mall. It’s basically just a big shopping promenade that has a free shuttle service between the blocks in the middle of the city. Nearby there was a big park which had the official Colorado Capital building and also the Civic Centre.

The outsides of Denver is what I really loved. On one of the days we took a tour to Mt Evans. The tour took us to the town of Idaho Springs, an old mining town that still had a western styled main shopping strip, Echo lake and to the top of Mt Evans. Mt Evans holds the title for the highest paved road in the USA and its peak is at 14,264ft (approx 4,000m). The tallest peak in Australia is Mt Kosciuszko and that’s only 2228m tall (around 7,300ft). Fortunately we went on a sunny day so we didn’t get any showers but the visibility wasn’t it’s best as there was smoke in the air from wildfires in northern states.

Straying from the usual, we decided to go on a day trip to the zoo on our last day in Denver. It was nice to change things up a bit but the Denver Zoo wasn’t anything extraordinary. The layout of the Zoo was confusing and there were a lot of exhibits without animals unfortunately.

Colorado was beautiful. Next time I visit, I would like to take advantage of all of the outdoor activities the state has to offer. There are so many rivers where you can do white water rafting and in winter, the state is renown for its ski slopes.

Who wants to go skiing?

– Nadia


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