Boston in a day.

Yesterday we set ourselves the task of discovering as much of Boston as we could in a day.

It took us over 14 hours to reach our hostel in Everett as our bus was delayed (as always), so we only had one full day in the state of Massechussets.

At 9:30am we caught a shuttle from our hostel to the nearest train station called Wellington. We bought a daily ticket and spent the day in the subway from place to place.

Our first stop was Downtown Crossing which is the central shopping area of Boston. Our original plan was to walk the Walk of Freedom (a 2 hour long walk along Downton Boston that goes through all of the historic monuments and buildings of the city) but we got lost and ended up at the wharf of the city.

From the wharf, we caught the metro to the Haymarket Markets to grab a bite to eat. They mostly sold fruit and vegetables at a good price but we managed to find a pizza shop that sold massive slices of pizza for $1.50.

Once our bellies were full, we crossed the city on the metro and ended up at Harvard University. The suburb of the campus is called Cambridge which is pretty ironic, but it’s pretty much a university town filled with book stores and trendy coffee shops. We once again got lost and just decided to walk along the banks of the river where all the townhouses were. The area was very clean and very posh looking. After a few random turns, we found ourselves walking through an ending orientation day for the new students. It felt like I was in a movie but I did not dress the part of soon-to-be university student. The main Harvard square is filled with majestic buildings but most of these are closed to the public so uni students can have their privacy and work in peace.

Next on our list was Chinatown back in Downton Boston. Chinatown wasn’t really aimed at tourists so it was mostly just a bunch of shops to accomodate the Chinese population of the area.

Across the road from Chinatown is a massive park in the middle of the city called Boston Commons. The park extends across a few blocks and has a pretty lake in the middle. On the lake, there were swan shaped boats offering tourists rides, but it did seem like the park was used lots by locals.

our final stop for the day was Little Itally in Boston northern area. Apparently we went on a good day because the Italian church was having a fair that day. They had closed off the streets and set up lots of Italian food shops for the locals. There was also a parade where I saw my first marching band and fireworks in the distance which we unfortunately didn’t notice until we were far away. The night was warm so it was really nice to be out on the street.

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I really loved my time in Boston. While I’m proud of our incredible achievement of visiting so many parts of the city, I do wish we had more time to savour everything. I’ll be back one day to do it Boston!

– Nadia


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