My first week in the USA!

Yes everything in the movies is real, it’s called America.

Pretty much everyone walks around with starbucks cups in their hands, the drink sizes at fast food joints are ginormous, cars don’t have the front number plates and shops actually sell guns to the public. Everyone also seems to love Taylor Swift (maybe that’s just the all girl environment in surrounded with), everyone says “you do you” and “yaaaaaaaas” (in a really nasal tone) all the time and no one seems to use knives at meals. People also tend to be very upfront and loud which can be quite shocking when you first meet them.

I’ve also noticed that Americans and Australians definitely do not speak the same language. The first time I said that I needed to go and get my thongs, everyone just looked at me blankly and laughed. I constantly have to translate the words that I use such as torch into flashlight, serviette into napkin and tomato sauce into ketchup, so that I can be understood.

The scenery here in Arizona is spectacular. The outskirts of Phoenix is surrounded with cacti and on the horizons all you can see are mountains. In general, the humidity is pretty low so the heat is dry and the days are long as we are heading into summer. In the northern mountains of Arizona, the temperatures are usually cooler and the vegetation is mostly really tall pine trees and native bushes.  Throughout the past week, I’ve also managed to eat 4 hamburgers (only 1 from McDonalds though!), fallen in love with Walmart and their incredibly diverse range of stock, gone on a mini road trip and loudly blasted tunes in the car, eaten my very first s’more and raised the American flag every morning.

Camp life so far has been great. I’m loving the lifestyle and I’m having a blast with all the staff. More details to come in my next post!

– Nadia

*We haven’t had Internet for the past 4 days, so let’s all pretend I posted this on Sunday.


3 thoughts on “My first week in the USA!

  1. We occasionally use thiongs for shoes, mostly old people, but for most of it it means string undewear,. So you just told people you were going to get underwear. Some states have front plates.
    Arizona does have a nazaly tone, LOl. That will change in other places. I’l be reading to see what ou think of my country


  2. Wellcome Nadu!! At this AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!!! Yehaaa Man!! Give me five !!! And one buck!! Enjoy USA!!!.. I Love it!!! Kissss .. I Love you lot!!!


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