10 days in Córdoba

My third stop in Argentina was the city of Córdoba. The 9 hour bus trip there from Concordía was absolutely shocking. While there were no crying babies or loud snorers near me, the bus driver decided to leave the air con on all night and I absolutely froze my 10 toes off. Apart from that, I’m happy to report that my time in Córdoba has been much more enjoyable.

Córdoba is Argentina oldest and second biggest city. It’s located approx 700km northwest of the capital basically in the middle of the country. The city of Córdoba is vibrant and full of life. There are kiosks, bakeries and shops on every block. The main plaza, San Martín, is surrounded by a majestic cathedral and old buildings from the colonial times of the city. Over the course of the 10 days, I’ve had the chance to explore  el Mercado de las Pulgas (flee market) where they sell handmade crafts, all of the pedestrian walkways in the city, the main food market, the suburb of Nueva Córdoba where all of the students live and where all of the nightlife occurs, the Capuchino church and el Parque Sarmiento (a huge park on the banks of the river that overlooks the whole city).

I also spent quite a bit of time at Olinda Hostel & Bar, a joint hostel and bar run by my uncle and cousins, where I helped out on the weeknights as an occasional translator and professional food tastor. I’m happy to announce that my six years of highschool French has finally come in handy! If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check them out – they make the best pizza, the hostel is really funky and the location is only a few minutes from the main city centre.

In the few days that I’ve spent in Córdoba, I’ve managed to:

  • slightly pick up the accent (it’s so bloody contagious!)
  • fall in love with the nightlife (9pm is considered early, 10/11pm is dinner, pres start at 12am and everyone hits the clubs at 1:30/2am to dance cumbia all night)
  • get hooked on another soap opera on tv
  • and orientate myself in the city centre – which is extremely exciting as I often get lost in Melbourne

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I’ve also started to collect what I call ‘gap year moments’, moments when I realise that I’m truly grateful to be on my gap year exploring the world. One of those was on the last night, when we went out at 7pm to eat an afternoon tea of criollitos de hojaldre, palitos, maní y jugo (butter based pastries, chips, peanuts and juice) at a massive park just out of the city. Everyone was out and about playing guitars, drinking mate and enjoying the warm Sunday night,

Now to make things slight cheesy, Córdoba you have been trully wonderful. You’ve let me relax and replenish my energy before the next big part of my trip. A massive thank you to my auntie and uncle that have supplied me with endless homemade pasta and biscochitos flacos, to Oski for supporting me most nights at the bar, and to Victor, Juan and Ale for the company and the nights out.

I’m truly excited to come a back in September!

– Nadia


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