My time in Concordía and around Entre Ríos

Marama: Loquita
Press play then read, this song is everywhere right now and it reminds me of the past 2 weeks

My time in Concordía is unfortunately coming to an end. Tomorrow night I’ll be taking an overnight bus to Córdoba to spend time with the other side of my family. The bus is going to stop at 4 cities along the way and it’s going to take 9 hours to cross approx 650km. It may seem extremely long, but travelling by bus is a million times better than travelling by plane in terms of personal space and comfort.

Here’s a little bit about Concordía (and a map of Entre Ríos):image
Concordía with its 170,000 habitants is the second biggest city in province of Entre Ríos, Argentina. The city is built in the typical Spaniard layout. The main park, Plaza 25 de Mayo, is considered the centre of the city and  it is surrounded by the San Antonio de Padua cathedral and the local municipality. Around the park, there are the main pedestrian walkways filled with shops and the main streets that run in a chessboard layout. All of the houses in the suburbs are organised into 100x100m blocks, so from a bird’s eye view, Concordía looks like little squares spread across the land. Most streets run one way, so they all alternate in direction across the city. The layout makes it easy to navigate Concordía, you know you’re never going to hit a dead end or end up in the wrong place.

With the enormous amount of intersections, the traffic works in the way of first in best dressed. Whoever reaches an interesction crosses first. There are give way and stop signs on the corners but everyone just ignores them. Speed limits and some times traffic lights are also disregarded. My uncle often jokes that if a car uses an indicator, it means the light is probably broken. 

As well as Concordía, I’ve also been to the country side and to the towns of Concepción del Uruguay, Domínguez and Villa Clara. Domínguez, which is now half in ruins, was where my great grandparents lived back in the day. It is also the only town in Argentina that is set out in a Parisian style where a roundabout as the centre of the town.

Moments from the past two weeks include:

  • Driving my fist manual car and stalling  it numerous times
  • Going out clubbing, dancing cumbia all night and returning home at 7am
  • Eating numerous kilos of ice cream and countless asados
  • Climbing a fence and picking corn from a cornfield
  • Going to the hotsprings and Salto in Uruguay
  • Driving a boat along the Uruguay river – so much easier than a car
  • Crossing over to Uruguay to explore the rocks and caves on the banks of the river
  • Relaxing on the banks of la Costanera of Concordía drinking mate
  • Going to a live basketball match, Estudiantes vs Quilmes, of the national Argentine League
  • And going back in time to my childhood and binge watching episodes of Floricienta

The past 2 weeks have truly been great. It was the second time I visited Concordía but the first time I’ve remembered it (I came here when I was little but I don’t recall it). A massive thank you to my family that have had to put up with me for the past 2 weeks. I can’t wait to see you all in Australia over the summer!

– Nadia


2 thoughts on “My time in Concordía and around Entre Ríos

  1. Nadia, this looks amazing! I’m so glad you’re having such a great time 🙂 I love reading about your adventures because you do such a fantastic job of explaining things so that I feel like I’m right there with you experiencing all of this cool stuff. I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!


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