Uruguay: Road trip to Daymán & Salto

With after only 2 days of being in Argentina, my uncle decided that he wanted to shake things up a bit and go on a road trip to Uruguay. On Saturday morning, we loaded up the car, convinced my grandma to wear a seat belt, crammed 4 of us into the back seat and went on our way. If I have to be 100% honest here, I’m going to admit that calling it a road trip is a bit of an overstatement. It took us a total of 20 mins to drive to the Argentine border (pit stop at the bakery included). Once we got past the extremely busy immigration guards who were drinking mate*, we drove to a small town called Daymán and visited the famous hot springs in the area. If you’ve never been to the hot springs before, then you’re missing out my friend. Basically it’s a set of pools that range in temperatures from 35 to 46°C. They are extremely common in the area and extremely reaxing. I spent around 15 mins in a 40°C pool, and I slept 11 hours that night. Once it got dark, we made the decision to leave the hot springs and head into the nearby town of Salto for some food and exploring. Salto is the second biggest city in Uruguay. It sits on the banks of the Uruguay river on the Western side of the country and it has a population of approx 125,000 people. We reached our restaurant at around 9:30pm and ordered some pizza. While most people are basically in bed by this hour in Australia, the night life in Uruguay is only just starting. In Salto, it’s also common to see people eating on the streets. Most restaurants set up their tables on the roads and people eat right next to the cars that drive by.   My two cousins, Sofia and Jaia, and myself on the banks of the Uruguay river with Argentina in the background.  Overall I really enjoyed visiting Uruguay. While it’s not as clean as some parts of Argentina, it does have an more relaxed feel to the country. The fences and bars on the houses are lower, people are more trustworthy and in general it’s considered a safer country than it’s neighbours. People tend to also be better drivers and give way to pedestrians that are crossing roads. I know I need to post about my journey and my time so far in Argentina. I’m just waiting on some photos.  – Nadia *no, they’re not drinking their friend. It’s pronounced mah-teh and it’s a hot drink made from herbs – but more on this later!


2 thoughts on “Uruguay: Road trip to Daymán & Salto

  1. nadia
    me encanta tu viaje y lo que me haces conocer, yo creia que sabia, pero eso aun no lo visite. y debe ser bello como vos lo describis. las termas de dayman en uruguay , siempre quise llegar y no pude hacerlo aun, siempre me quedo en las termas que tienen en Entre Rios que por supuesto tambien son buenas. Que bueno que sabemos de tu recorrido, besos y te sigo. Judith


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