One more sleep

Tomorrow is the big day! After more than 6 months of near full-time work, I’ll finally be leaving Melbourne to start my adventures abroad.

My flight to Sydney leaves at 7:15am, so I have to wake up nice and early to make it to the airport on time. My plane will most likely be packed with business people that fly to Sydney for work, so I doubt I’ll be able to stretch out across seats and take a nap. If everything goes to plan and I pass immigration, by midday I should be in the sky making my way to the other side of the world.

My lonely planet guide has arrived and Keren is finally packed! With my stuff exclusively, she IMG_5232_2weighs around 12kg. Including the 10 packets of Tim Tams and the numerous packets of Cadbury Freddo Frogs, I think she’ll end up weighing around 16kg. You know how I said that I wanted to pack lightly? Well that has gone completely down the drain. Keren is absolutely stuffed to the brim! The compression straps on the side are definitely coming in handy! Hopefully, I’ll cut down the extent of my luggage on my trip and I’ll be able to fit everything I buy abroad. Tomorrow, I’ll also be checking in a small duffle bag with all of the presents for the family and I’ll be taking a backpack on board with me.

The nerves are definitely starting to settle in. It’s only just starting to hit me that I’m going to be away for 5 months. I like to think that I’m a pretty independent person but I’ve never quite done something like this before. I can already predict that I’m going to miss the Melbourne coffee and Milo while I’m away. Hopefully my time away will help me to cut back my coffee obsession that I’ve developed recently ($2.65 a cup for team members at work!).

The next time I’ll write, I’ll probably be extremely jet lagged and awake at 3am.

Wish me luck and catch yah on the flip side – quite literally

– Nadia


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