My Gap Year Itinerary (So Far!)

Now that my blog is starting to take shape, I think it’s time to share exactly WHAT I’ll be doing on this mysterious gap year of mine.

I’ve currently planned to spend 5 months abroad half travelling/ half working. My adventures are going to officially start on the 22nd of April when I’ll be flying to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and my return flight won’t be until the 20th of September. Over that time, I hope to be doing as follows:

1. Argentina with family
Getting to Argentina is a struggle and a half. It takes more than 2o hours of flying to cross half of the world and a whole lot more if you include all of the time in transit that I’ll have to go through. That’s why when I initially reach Argentina, I’ll spend one or two nights in my former home town with some family friends recovering. Once I can handle more hours on the road, I’ll take an approx 5 hour bus to the state of Entre Ríos where my grandma and cousins live. Hopefully in Entre Ríos I’ll get a chance to cross the border into Uruguay a few times and do some exploring there! After 2 weeks of one side of the family, I’ll take a night bus to the second biggest city of Argentina, Córdoba, where more of my cousins live. While in Córdoba, I’ll also  roadtrip to Túcuman (more family) and to Salta to do some sightseeing. After 2 weeks with the other side of the family, I’ll catch a plane back to the capital and get ready to board and international flight to the USA.

2. Summer camp in the USA
The second part of  gap year shall be spent in the USA where I’ll be working at a Girl Scouts Camp as a Camp Counsellor. I’ll be based in the mountains of Arizona, about a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. At camp, I’ll spend 9 weeks horseback riding, camping under the stars, building bonfires, chanting camp songs and hiking through the mountains. I’ve also been told that I’ll get to have a few weekends off, so hopefully I’ll be able to drive down to the Grand Canyon and explore other places in Arizona.

3. Roadtrip the USA
The visa that I’ll be using to go to camp also allows for a 1 month travel period to explore the USA once I finish working. For this part of my journey, I have absolutely nothing planned so far. Everyone that has gone to camp that I’ve talked to say that it’s best not to plan things out for the month of travel. They say that I’ll most likely make friends at my camp and improvise the travel plans. The only thing I have thus far is my flight from the USA that leaves from New York on the 3rd of September. So at some point in the month, I have to make my way across the USA to New York. I also hope to reach Alaska, but we’ll see if people/money/time works out.

4. Freelance travelling (Chile, Peru, Argentina)
My last 3 weeks abroad are dedicated to freelance travelling. From the USA, I’ll start in Santiago and spend a few nights exploring Chile. From Santiago I might potentially cross la Cordillera (Andes Mountain Range) to go to Mendoza in Argentina, however I’m not entirely sure at this point. Next, I’ll board a plane and travel to Cuzco in Peru to visit Machu Picchu and tour around the country for 5 days. Afterwards, I’ll be flying back to Argentina to visit the Iguazu falls on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. At this stage, I’ll spend 3 nights at the falls and then start to make my way back to Melbourne with 3 stop overs.

Not many things are set in stone at this moment, and I know that I won’t be able to do everything  I want, but 5 months was the most time I could take from work at once. Hopefully when my auntie comes to Australia soon, I’ll be able to sort more things out properly.

Promise to keep you updated!

– Nadia


8 thoughts on “My Gap Year Itinerary (So Far!)

  1. Your gap year sounds amazing so far! I highly recommend Alaska if you like the cold, mountains, and super friendly people :)Philadelphia is also a cool city on the east coast, and we have some pretty good cheese steaks apparently.


      1. You should! We also have some great architecture (if you’re into that stuff but it’s cool even if you’re not) and a lot of historical sights (also cooler than it sounds) I haven’t had a cheese steak either to be perfectly honest. I guess being a vegetarian will do that, but I’ve heard great things!


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