74 Towns and Cities Explored

In just under 4 week’s time, I’ll be leaving behind my newly acquired Netflix (it was only released in Australia and New Zealand this month), my incredibly comfortable double bed and the commodity of weekly freshly done laundry by my mother to travel the world.  While it will be my first trip overseas by myself (and Keren), I want you to know that it won’t be the first time I’ve travelled the world.

Over the past 18 years, I’ve visited an estimated 74 different towns/cities all over the world.

74 Cities

The statistics go as follows:
43/74 in Australia, 8/43 in France, 6/74 in Argentina, 4/74 in New Zealand, 4/74 in the USA, 2/74 in Malaysia and 1/74 in Singapore, Uruguay, Mexico, Jamaica and Monaco.

As you can tell, the majority of my adventures have been around Australia where I’ve lived for
the past 11 years. In Aus, I’ve travelled through rural Victoria, the Great Ocean Road and Central Australia (Uluru and Alice Springs) with school camps, as well as along the Eastern Coast (Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Noosa, Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef) and Tasmania with my family. My travels in South America are mostly in Argentina in the city of Buenos Aires where I was born and around the regions of Córdoba, Tucumán and Entre Ríos where all of my family is scattered around. The longest time I’ve spent away from  home was the 6 weeks that I spent in the south of France on exchange. While I did go on this trip without my family, I did have 12 other school friends and 4 other Aussies with me doing the exchange at the same school. Everywhere else on Earth I’ve stepped foot on has been thanks to holidays with my family.

With all that said, I want to point out that I’m not the kinda girl that counts the number of countries she’s visited or colours a whole country in once she’s stepped foot in it. I prefer to keep track of the cities and towns I’ve seen for my own eyes as I think it does my travelling a lot more justice. For example, in the USA I’ve only ever been to Florida and in Australia, I’m yet to travel through the western coast and swim in the Indian Ocean.

I think that in this way I won’t dismiss travelling to a country by having been there previously. 

I also believe that it’s impossible to ever fully explore a country. I’ve been living in Melbourne for more than half of my life and I still struggle to completely grasp the city. Even though the CBD is set out in a simple rectangular layout, I continuously manage to get lost and find new things in the most obscure places.

I know I won’t ever get to see the whole world, but I sure am ready to start adding new towns and cities to my list.

– Nadia


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