The Abandoned Backpack: Keren

Tsabari's FrontThis is Keren. She’s an abandoned backpack that I picked up on the side of the road in October 2014. She’s an estimated 16 years old and named after her previous owner.

I don’t know the countries this bag has been to, how many cities she’s visited or how many kilometres she’s covered. Her previous experiences and encounters remain a mystery to me. I don’t know how long she will last or the quality she’s made from. However I’m prepare to start a new chapter in her life and take her abroad once more!

In late April 2015 I’m leaving on my gap year adventure to South and North America for 5 months and taking Keren with me. I’ll post on this blog all of the experience we go through as well as details of my trip and handy tips for travelling.

If you want to know about Keren, click here.
If you want to know how I stumbled upon Keren, click here.
If you want to know about me, click here (it’s not that interesting though), or you can check out my Instagram here.

– Nadia


5 thoughts on “The Abandoned Backpack: Keren

      1. Manaus! I can’t recommend it enough.
        Wait for their winter though… it might be below 85 degrees with 90% humidity by then.


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