Meet Keren, the abandoned Tsabari’s Combi 70

Firstly let me introduce you to KEREN:

Keren is a medium/large hybrid backpack made by the Israeli company Tsabari’s. More specifically, she’s a Tsabari’s Combi 70. She has both top and bottom compartments that are separate from the main bag. The harness on the back is an older system that works with velcro and buckles to adjust the height of the shoulder straps and the waist belt. Keren herself is made from what I believe to be a canvas material. Her insides are sadly slightly fraying from the use and Tsabari's Insideyears she’s had. Unfortunately Keren doesn’t come with any outside water bottle holders, inside dividers to help with packing or external cover to protect the harness in transit, but the front pocket does open up entirely which is more than what most modern hybrid backpacks have these days!

From the googling I’ve done, I’ve learnt that Tsabari’s is a company that was founded in 1995 by Yariv Tsabari. A forum member on a travelling website also commented that all Tsabari’s backpacks all come with a lifetime warranty. And that’s all I’ve got. I haven’t been able to find much information about Keren as she’s an older model and Tsabari’s has very little influence outside Israel. All of the website I find are in Hebrew which I unfortunately don’t understand.

Here’s the official Tsabari’s website:

If you’ve had experience with a bag like Keren or any by Tsabari’s feel free to pass on some information! It’ll be good know how well she takes on thunderstorms before we go abroad together.

– Nadia


3 thoughts on “Meet Keren, the abandoned Tsabari’s Combi 70

  1. Hi Nadia, this yariv tsabari from TSABARIS, i am so glad that you find Keren.
    This is one the first model i made almost 20 year ago
    If you need any more information pls contact me


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